Design Story Z4 E85 by Anders Warming

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Design Story Z4 E85 by Anders Warming

Message par Anonym. » lun. 05 juil. 2021 07:17

Une vidéo très intéressante sur le design du Z4 E85 par Anders Warming

Design Stories: A short film about my the design of the BMW Z4 (E85).
After many years of (mainly) focusing on 'the road up ahead' creatively, I found that now would be nice to sit down to talk a bit about how we designed the first Z4; many moons ago. It was actually nice to 're-visit' some of the old sketches - and reflect on what we achieved within the BMW Design Team - paving the way for the term 'Flame Surfacing'. Truly great memories of a very creative time within an amazing design team!
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is based in Munich (Germany) within a modern and vibrant network of design, 3D modelling and development companies. The new automotive design studio offers a wide range of design services for all local, national and international clients alike.
Film by Anders Warming - Images by BMW Group AG

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